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About Us

MASLI FROZEN FOOD SUPPLIES Ltd. is a company engaged in trade, purchase, transport, consulting, import and export, founded in 2020.

The name of the company is made up of the initials of the names of the family members of our owner and director because we believe that the family is the basic cell of any society.

The company is young but is based on many years of experience of our owner and director Mr. Mladen Stojanovic, who in the period from 2001 to 2020 gained extensive experience as a sales and marketing manager and CEO in one of the largest cold storage plants for processing and freezing fruit and vegetables in Serbia, capacity 15,000 tons.

During the period when he worked as a sales and marketing manager, he recorded his first independent contracts with foreign companies in early 2005, as evidenced by the long reference list of companies from the EU and the Russian Federation with which he has direct contacts that we still use today.

Given the industry, which is the processing of fresh and deep-frozen fruits and vegetables intended for industry, we fully control the production process in the cold storage planr and we are able to organize the production itself, while in the absence of fresh raw materials during the purchase season, we can compensate by purchasing frozen originals on the territory of the whole of Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Bulgaria, etc.

During the buyout season MASLI FROZEN FOOD SUPPLIES Ltd. can procure more than 10,000 tons of fresh raw materials of cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, plums, wild blueberries, wild blackberries, pomegranates, pears, apples and peppers and has direct communication with more than 40 purchase points numbering over 1500 individual producers throughout of Serbia.

We also have extensive experience in the field of quality management systems such as the development of plans for the supply of fresh raw materials, development of sales plans for finished products, development of marketing activities, production flow chart diagrams by product, traceability, control critical points – CCP, etc.

MASLI FROZEN FOOD SUPPLIES Ltd. is able to independently organize the presentation of companies at international food and beverage fairs such as: SIAL Paris France, ANUGA Cologne Germany, IFE London England, WORLD FOOD MOSCOW Moscow Russia, BIO FACH Ninberg Germany, FANCY FOOD SHOW New York America, FRUIT LOGISTICA Berlin Germany etc.

We are able to organize complete logistica support from finding clients, organizing loadings, preparing complete documentation and delivering to the customers to the desired address because we own our own vehicles and have cooperation with the most serious transport companies in Serbia, which number up to 150 refrigerated trucks regime towards the EU and the Russian Federation.

Our mission and vision is to improve the quality of suppliers, establish partnerships with them, continuously achieve and maintain the quality of products and services required by the customer.

        Business Policy MASLI FROZEN FOOD SUPPLIES Ltd. is:

  1. Satisfy the requirements and expectations of users and gain their trust;
  2. Implement an effective product safety system;
  3. Apply an effective and efficient system of end-user satisfaction with quality;
  4. Constantly identify and review the needs and requirements of users;
  5. To be fully compliant with all applicable world standards, laws and regulations;
  6. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business system through continuous training of management and employees;
  7. Develop partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers;
  8. Constantly increase the company’s profit by reducing costs and increasing activities.

All employees are committed and accept to develop a culture of quality products and services in their workplaces.